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Home Electrical Safety Tips for Fall

Did you know that almost half of fire department calls report accidents caused by electricity? To be more precise, electricity isn’t the culprit, but people that neglect routine checks are. As fall is getting closer, another regular inspection has to be done. We know exactly what there is to check. Do it diligently and carefully,

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Energy Saving Tips You May Not Have Thought About

The rapid change of climate brings its inconveniences. We notice them the most in the summer months when it seems there’s no air to breathe, only steam and fire. Gladly, there’s air conditioning and dehumidifying tech that saves us. But it doesn’t save our finances. That being said, you don’t have to freeze or boil

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Top 7 Tips to keep your home generator ready when you need it

Not many people remember to maintain their home generator.  As a result the home generator may not work when needed because it was not properly maintained.  Like any other appliance, your home genrator must be checked frequently and repaired when needed. We all think it’s not going to happen to us. However, even the most

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Smart Doorbell features you must have

Buying a smart doorbell is a must for everyone worrying about their security. Such a small yet useful device allows you to know who came to your door and when. It’s easy to tell a delivery person where to leave the food or packages. You can see whether your children snuck out at night to

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2021 Home Electrical Product Trends

Facebook Twitter Call Now! (770)484-6402 2021 Home Electrical Product Trends Did you know that we’ve been using electrical appliances for more than 100 years? Electrical products have come a long way since the first toaster, with new products and innovations appearing all the time. What will be the hottest electrical product trends in 2021? Read on to

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Why Use Dimmer Switches?

Facebook Twitter Call Now! (770)484-6402 Why Use Dimmer Switches? Dimmer switches are easy to add to your home, and they do not require any special remodeling as some other types of lighting might. These switches are great for setting the mood and giving you just the right amount of light in your home, no matter

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Who Thinks About Parking Lot Lights?

Facebook Twitter Call Now! (770)484-6402 Who thinks about parking lot lights? If you are like most people, you do not give much thought to parking lot lights. You probably take them for granted. Whenever you head out to a convenience store or grocery store at night, you know that those lights will be there. What

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What is Causing Your Flickering Lights?

Facebook Twitter Call Now! (770)484-6402 What is Causing Your Flickering Lights? If you notice that the lights in your house are suddenly flickering, it might be quite alarming. Most people, since they do not know much about the electrical wiring in their home, do not know what could be causing the flickering, but before you

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Reasons to Consider Installing Ceiling Fans

Facebook Twitter Call Now! (770)484-6402 Reasons to Consider Installing Ceiling Fans Ceiling fans are great additions to the house for many different reasons. They are able to offer a breeze, which can help air circulate. This will get rid of the stuffiness in the house, and it can even help to keep it cooler. The

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