2021 Home Electrical Product Trends

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2021 Home Electrical Product Trends

Did you know that we’ve been using electrical appliances for more than 100 years?

Electrical products have come a long way since the first toaster, with new products and innovations appearing all the time.

What will be the hottest electrical product trends in 2021?

Read on to learn more.

Medical Tech

The global pandemic has made everybody much more conscious about their health. Medical tech that can help spot symptoms of disease is already growing in popularity.

The Apple Watch is able to take an ECG to help you gain insights into your heart rhythm and to spot potential problems. The latest version also includes a blood oxygen monitor. Low blood oxygen levels are one of the indicators of potential COVID-19 infection.

Apple is even planning an update that will allow people to use their Apple Watch to unlock their iPhone when they are wearing a mask since Face ID doesn’t work whilst a mask is being worn.

Expect this type of diagnostic medical tech to become more and more common. It could even save your life one day.

Gesture Recognition

Another trend that has grown out of the pandemic is the increase in the use of gesture recognition.

We’re all much more wary about touching surfaces, knowing that the virus could be passed on this way. Gesture recognition allows you to interact with technology via gestures rather than physical touch, reducing the risk of picking up diseases through contact.

Smart Speakers

Alexa, Google, and Siri have all become popular voice assistants in recent years, but each one traps the user into a specific ecosystem. 

Thankfully, there are now products being introduced, such as the Sonos One audio speaker, that come with both Alexa and Google Assistant built-in. Whilst you can only set up one assistant per speaker, if you own a stereo pair, you can have Alexa on one and Google on another, allowing you to pick and choose which assistant you use.

Expect more and more products to include a built-in voice assistant in the future.

Smart Gym Equipment

With the gyms being closed many of us have taken to exercising at home.

This has been a real boon for companies such as Peleton. Peleton started out as an exercise bike with a built-in screen that allowed you to participate in real-time training sessions with fitness coaches, right from your home. The range has now extended to treadmills, as well as exercise classes using minimal equipment such as free weights.

Since these products remove the need for expensive gym memberships, expect to see more smart gym equipment appearing on the scene. Just make sure you install a ceiling fan to keep you cool as you work out!

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