Residential Lighting Trends

Despite what you may think, the world of residential lighting is ever-growing! The smart tech industry is finding its way into the homes of millions of happy customers, and people are looking for more ways to spice up their lighting by implementing smart tech. As well as this, there’s been a huge boost in creative uses of LED lights within the home.

If you’re searching for a new way to give some dazzle to your interior design, then look no further! We’ve rounded up a few of the latest trends in residential lighting:

LED Lighted Closets

LED lights are cheaper and more accessible than ever, so they’re finding their way into plenty of unexpected places in houses and apartments, from desk lights to ceiling fans.

A new trend has emerged that aims to light up the closet: LED lights to provide the perfect solution to the lack of light source in your closet. By installing LED lights in the closet, people can now easily find the clothing they’re looking for, all while being able to choose the perfect color to light their items up with!

If you’re a fashionista looking for a way to spruce up your clothing decisions, closet LED lights may be the residential lighting trend you have been waiting for!

Smart Controls

Everyone’s been there: you’re tucked up, ready for bed, until you realize that you’ve left the lights on, and the light switch is on the other side of the room! Smart controls have become increasingly popular over the last few years to fix problems just like this. From the comfort of their bed, consumers can easily turn their lights off and on from their phone or a dedicated controller.

This year, tech-savvy consumers have gotten more creative with their use of smart lighting. A common trend for 2022 is smart light presets. By making all the lights smart controlled, you can make it, so one button changes all the lights in the room!

Perhaps you have a ‘party’ button that will dim your lamps, get your LEDs flashing, and even turn on the speaker in the corner! Or maybe you have an ‘evening wind down’ button that will dim all your lights and change the main light to a warm color which is easy on the eye. The possibilities are endless with light presets, a residential lighting trend that will take the world by storm this year!


With the introduction of smart tech and more accessible LED lighting, residential lighting has opened avenues to a whole world of exploration! So if you want your house or apartment to feel like 2022, why not try sprucing up your closet with some subtle LED lights.

If you’re feeling extra futuristic, throw yourself into the smart tech lighting world and set yourself up with some great light presets that will be sure to entertain any guests and make your life convenient. Now has never been a more ideal time to explore all the new trends that residential lighting has to offer!  See our customer reviews and contact us about your lighting needs today.