Surge Protectors-How Do They Work?

You may have dressed up your home with the latest electronic gadgets, but the sudden voltage spikes can render them useless and could also lead to fire hazards. In Atlanta where lightning is a common sight during monsoons, a high power electrical surge could wipe the life out of all your electrical equipment if surge protectors are not installed in your home by Atlanta electrical contractors in Atlanta GA.

With the change in the weather conditions, say from warmer to cooler, Atlanta residents take out their electric blankets, room heaters, and other gadgets that put more load on the electrical circuit; this could cause electrical surges. If you want to increase the life of your electrical equipment by 30% and want to save your family from electrically related casualties, install a surge protector for your entire home.

A surge protector transfers the excessive current from the electrical outlet into the power strip, which is then directed to the grounding wire. If you are eager to learn how surge protectors work by diverting the voltage surges, then read on:

A surge protector contains a component known as MOV or metal oxide varistor that helps in diverting the extra voltage. MOV establishes a connection between the heated power line and grounding line.

MOV is made using three parts, namely two semiconductors and a small piece of a metal oxide material. This metal oxide piece is joined to the grounding and the power line using two semiconductors which has a variable resistance. When excessive current flows through the surge protector, the MOV conducts a large amount of current to reduce excess voltage.

Once the extra current flows from the MOV to the earth, the voltage is restored to the normal levels and the resistance of the MOV increases again. Therefore, the MOV diverts only the excessive surge current, while it continues to supply normal electric voltage to the electronic devices that are connected to it.

There are large varieties of surge protectors available in the market that can be installed by Atlanta electrical contractors depending on your requirements. Enjoy a peaceful sleep by installing surge protectors in your home that will help you save power and protect your equipment from electrical upsurge.

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