Smart Doorbell features you must have

Buying a smart doorbell is a must for everyone worrying about their security. Such a small yet useful device allows you to know who came to your door and when. It’s easy to tell a delivery person where to leave the food or packages. You can see whether your children snuck out at night to go party with friends.

Not to mention you see everyone approaching your house. If someone suspicious walks around in circles and tries to see whether anyone’s at home, calling the police without interaction with that person can save your house and life.

You need a high-quality doorbell and a professional electrical service to install it. But how to choose a proper device? We have the 5 major things to consider before making the final choice below!

1. Cloud Storage

It’s better to store footage for some time, especially if there may be some important material. Instead of using microSD cards, opt for cloud storage support. Usually, the videos are kept in the cloud for a month. 

So, in case something happens nearby or at your front door (i.e. your house gets vandalized or something is stolen from the yard), you’ll have a clue on the culprit and can boldly contact the police with the information you have.

2. Motion Detection

A motion detection sensor in your smart doorbell camera will notify you if someone approaches your front door or leaves the house. There’s a wide range of such cameras that offer the same support without annoying alerts from a busy street nearby or neighbors walking here and there.

You can choose specific areas to be monitored, so such options are suitable for any location. It’s impossible to always be by the camera, right? So, to avoid trouble, motion sensors can catch a robber in the act, not after it as a piece of video evidence.

3. Quality Mobile App

Most modern people find app support one of the most convenient features for any smart device. When choosing a doorbell, make sure there’s an app you can use to control it remotely.

You’ll see who’s at the door even if you’re far from home, control the bell, access video storage, and more. The app must connect quickly and show high-quality video. You should be able to see who’s in front of the house now, not after half an hour.

4. Backup Power Supply

Smart doorbells are usually powered by a battery or regular doorbell wires. If you don’t have the latter, the battery is the best option. But if you have a wired option, make sure it has a backup source of energy (the same battery will work).

Thus, if you have a power outage, the device will still work.

5. Resolution

The minimum resolution is 480p, but it won’t allow you to see faces very well, especially if the visitor is farther from the camera. Opt for the 1080p version; it provides a crisper image. It will show better videos during nighttime. However, for that, you should get a camera with night mode.

Base your choice on these 5 factors, and you’ll end up with the most suitable smart doorbell for your home. Enhance security and convenience with high-tech solutions! Contact McCallent today for a free consultation.

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