Signs it time for a breaker box replacement

Your electrical panel is a key component to help distribute electricity throughout your home. It comes built-in with a failsafe if too much electricity is trying to get distributed, such as an electricity spike. That’s what those circuit breakers in your electrical panel are for, and they help to cut electrical distribution in that specific area. That’s why it’s important to know when it may be time to upgrade and replace your electrical panel to keep your home safe.

It has odors indicating something may be burning

The last thing you want with your electrical panel is to have it be warm when touched or have it smell like something is burning on the inside. Those could be the first warning signs of an electrical panel issue. The type of burning smell, whether wood or plastic, can help narrow down the source, but it’s always better to reach out to a qualified electrician who can resolve the situation faster.

It’s reached its end of life

Your electrical panel typically has a lifespan that ranges between 25 years and 40 years. But, of course, with proper maintenance on your electrical panel, it’s more likely to be closer to 40 years. After that, it’s simply time for a replacement and an upgrade to ensure the functionality is working. This can easily be noticed during the annual maintenance checkup of your home’s electrical panel and other components.

Your lights are flickering

While this could signify that it’s time to replace the lightbulb or use better quality ones, it can also tell you that the underlying reason is the electrical panel itself. If you notice your lights are constantly flickering or are dim or flickering when you turn on other appliances, this is a major red flag that the electrical distribution is off.

You find yourself with breakers tripping all the time

Another area to consider is if the minute you start to use electricity, whether to turn on the lights or power on major appliances, the breakers themselves trip. The reason for this could be an old electrical panel. However, there could also be a faulty issue, such as the electrical panel not functioning properly or it’s working too hard, and thus it’s best to have a circuit panel replacement.

You might be preparing for a renovation

Renovations are always a great time to consider many other aspects of your house that could be upgraded, such as circuit panel replacement. You can take the time to replace the wiring and connections where necessary and get yourself a much more efficient option for the electrical panels.

In the end

No matter what, if you feel like anything above is happening to you, or your electrical panel seems to be not fully functional, it’s always best to get a highly reviewed electrician to come in and look. If they recommend a circuit panel replacement, then go for it, as you will be better off. You’ll be saving yourself a bunch of time and money and have professionals handle it safely and securely.

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