GFCI Outlet-Wiring

GFCI Outlet-Wiring for Atlanta Area Homes and Businesses

Per the National electrical code a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet-wiring shall be installed in wet locations. If you live in an older home, or are selling or purchasing one then chances are the home inspector will request that these outlets be installed. Protect yourself and the people around you by having GFCI outlets and bring your property up to code. McCall Enterprises provides permanent GFCI outlet-wiring in wet locations.electricians recommend gfci in atlanta

Protection Provided by GFCI Outlets in Homes

Because water is a conductor of electricity, GFCI outlets are installed in wet locations. A GFCI outlet is designed to be sensitive and trips faster than any breaker or fuse and if functioning properly they should trip before anyone gets hurt.

GFCI outlets protect indoor wet areas as well. Aquariums should be plugged into GFCI outlets. Portable GFCI outlets are available for plugging in aquariums, but permanent GFCI outlet wiring is mandated by the NEC and shall be in all rooms such as kitchen, bath, crawl spaces, garage, and unfinished basements.

GFCI Protection in Commercial Properties

GFCI outlets are equally important in business offices and commercial facilities. Employee safety is a top priority when running a business. GFCI wiring is a necessary expense for all builders since they must meet the latest code. Business owners must provide a safe environment for employees and should have their facilities assessed for GFCI outlets. McCall Enterprises can help bring your commercial property up to code with permanent GFCI outlet-wiring.

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