Lights Flickering?

Over time, it’s bound to happen….  You walk into a room and flip the switch and the lights flicker before turning on or flicker and then won’t power up.

Initially, you think – I must need a new light bulb, but after trying that simple solution, the lights still won’t stay on without flickering.

Maybe it’s not flickering lights but your GFCI keeps tripping or a plug won’t power your newest electronic device.  Either way there may be a bigger issue but before we worry about that we need to check a few things:

      1. With power off make sure Lamps/light bulbs are tight.
      2. If you have fuses make sure all fuses are tight.
      3. Make sure bulbs /lamps are dimmable if they are on a dimmer
      4. If light bulbs are LED on a dimmer and flickering. Is the dimmer LED compatible. 
lights flickering electrician

If none of those fix the problem, you need to have a professional electrician who is well versed in panel upgrades.  McCall Enterprises specializes in updating residential electrical system to meet today’s demands for power usage.

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