Electrical Service Upgrade

Increase Your Electrical Capacity with an Electrical Service – Upgrade

Technology has given us lots of cool gadgets like DVRs, Blue Rays, home entertainment centers, computers, laptops and more. It’s too bad our homes aren’t automatically equipped to handle the electrical load. Enter the electrical service upgrade.Atlanta certified residential electrician

When it comes to residential electricians at McCall Enterprises are experts at making your home more compatible with the technology you’ve come to depend on. All homes have electrical capacity limits. With an electrical service upgrade, you can increase your electrical output, making way for more electrical circuits, outlets, and cool gadgets.

Get More Design Flexibility with an Electrical Service-Upgrade

Are you considering home remodeling? Rewiring and an electrical service upgrade should be considered as well. Electrical service upgrades will ensure that your redesign allows for more power output. The increased capacity provided by the upgrade makes it easier to install a luxurious spa bath, efficient kitchen appliances, can lighting, and a home theater.

What’s Included in an Electrical Service Upgrade

An electrical service upgrade includes changes such as:

  • Upgrading the electrical meter and installing main disconnect switch on the exterior.
  • Upgrading service cable from meter to power company.
  • Upgrading the service entrance cable from meter to electrical panel box.
  • Installing (2) ground rods per latest NEC.
  • Installing hard-wired smoke detectors with battery backup.
  • Replacing existing receptacles in kitchen and bathroom with GFCI receptacle outlets.
  • Don’t forget to have our electrical contractors troubleshoot electrical problems, like circuit breaker trips, and repair them before the upgrade.

If you are living in an older home or simply want more electrical capacity for all your gadgets, plug into the electrical upgrade services provided by McCall Enterprises.

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