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Does your circuit breaker trip when you plug in a wall heater, turn on a television, microwave or any other appliance? Do you think you need to replace a circuit breaker that feels hot to the touch? Don’t try to fix the problem yourself. Call the electrician in Atlanta, GA. We troubleshoot and repair electrical problems including a circuit breaker that trip.

certified electricians replace circuit breakers in atlanta ga Possible Reasons Why a Circuit Breaker Will Trip

A circuit breaker trip has a number of possible causes. Trying to diagnose these electrical issues on your own can be dangerous. Risks include electrocution and fires. Hiring the most experienced electrician Atlanta has to offer is the safest way to find out why a circuit breaker will trip.

Here are some possible causes of circuit breaker trips:

  • Overloaded circuit. This is perhaps the most common cause of a circuit breaker trip. The fix is as simple as unplugging appliances.  If the circuit breaker keeps tripping, contact one of our certified electricians in Atlanta for assistance.
  • Short circuits. You plug in or power on an appliance, and as soon as you do, the circuit breaker trips instantly. This is a short circuit.  Our expert electricians will troubleshoot and determine if the short is in the electrical circuit, breaker, or the appliance.
  • Ground fault. This is the most serious cause of a circuit breaker tripping. If you have determined that the cause is not a short or overloaded circuit, a ground fault is likely the culprit. Don’t guess! Contact us and make an appointment today.

Don’t try to replace or fix circuit breaker that keeps tripping yourself. It could be dangerous. Call McCall Enterprises at (770)-484-6402 or visit our contact us page.

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