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Do I really need an electrician for my home theatre?

A top item on many Christmas lists is a brand new home theatre system.  Whether it is for a full theatre room or simply the family room where you want to enjoy your movies with really great tech, there are some things to consider.

The last thing you want to do is have a big stack of components and start installing them only to figure out that the wiring for that room won’t handle it all.  Or worse, won’t accommodate any of it.

So when it comes time to set up that full home theatre, consider consulting an electrician.  It won’t take long for them to be able to tell you what your current wiring can handle and what it will take to get it all set up correctly if any changes need to be made.

Keep in mind, this is a great time to get it done just the way you want it. Many of us forget that often times, electrical work is pretty inexpensive, especially when you consider the cost of the potential consequences down the road.

Who doesn’t want the perfect home theatre right?

So some of the things to be considered…

Can it handle the load?

Many of today’s televisions don’t draw as much electricity as the old tube or projection style, but they do often require a different array of wiring options. With the addition of the “extras”, you could be looking at as many as 8 additional components drawing electricity.

We’re talking about gaming systems, cable or satellite boxes, streaming boxes, and sound equipment. Not to mention internet routers or wifi extenders.

So again, it is a wise idea to have an electrician check things out and help you ensure that everything can run well and safely.  You wouldn’t want to have a short that could put your house in danger or have something blow up your expensive equipment.

On to the next question…

What are you going to do with the cords?

Wireless technology is fast becoming a more viable option for many components including satellite speakers for surround sound, but that isn’t always the case and even if it is, some of those components still need power even if they can pick up a wireless signal.  So again, there are additional needs.

So what ARE you going to do with the cords?  Do you have outlets in convenient locations? Are you going to have to string extension cords around the room? Are you going to have to try to plug 5 components into one outlet? Do you have little ones or pets in the house that could trip on or make a mess of the cords and damage the components?

In the majority of cases, an electrician can simplify and protect your process to ensure that your electronics AND everyone in your home is safe.

Final question…

How important is your investment in your electronics?

Many of us use surge suppressor style power strips for our important electronics, but did you know that you can have a whole-home surge protection system installed to protect EVERYTHING?

Yes, we are discussing your home theatre system, but what if lightning hit and your tv and your computer were protected but all of your other home appliances were blown out as well as your 4-month-old surround sound system? 

You’ve heard that an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure? That is very true giving the price of electronics and the amount of them in an average home.

So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call and set up a time for a quick inspection.  We are here to make sure your Atlanta electrician needs are covered!

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