Electrical Safety Tips for Fall

As we find ourselves right in the middle of the Fall season, we need to ensure that we’ve prepped ourselves with some electrical safety tips to protect our loved ones. So the first order of business that we want to look into is packing up all that summer equipment. All those lawnmowers, trimmers, and even sprinkler systems need to be stored properly, and we need to make sure not to have them exposed to harsh winter elements that can damage them.

Look at your cold-weather equipment

Once everything for the warmer months is stored away, it’s time to run a maintenance check on your winter equipment. This is both for indoor and outdoor gear. That means looking at your space heaters, built-in home heaters, leaf blowers, and similar equipment. Check for any wear and tear, and specifically check the power cords to ensure there’s no issue.
The reason, especially for outdoor usage, is that there will be a lot more moisture. Whether from rain or snow, you want everything as weatherproof or waterproofed as possible. The outlets themselves for outdoor usage should have some type of protective weatherproofing as well to keep the elements out and protect the user against any kind of shock.

Dry leaves need to be cleaned up

Part of the Fall season is dry leaves coming off the trees. While you don’t always need to sweep them as soon as a leaf falls, you do want to ensure that there are no dry leaves around anything with power. That means keeping them away from outdoor outlets, patio lights, and anything bringing in power, such as power cords. Dry leaves can easily catch on fire from even one spark that these powered elements can ignite. So then you’re dealing with an unnecessary fire.

Check out your smoke sensors

Since you’re going to be at home a lot more, with the doors closed and the appliances running, you’re going to want to confirm that the smoke alarms are all in working condition. This means your carbon monoxide monitors as well, too, in case some of your appliances aren’t working or not working at optimal levels. This will make sure to keep you and your loved ones safe this Fall season and into the Winter months.

Space heaters need to be used properly

Space heaters are going to see normal usage during these next two seasons. Yet they themselves can be quite a dangerous appliance. Make sure to use space heaters properly and not put anything too close to them, as the space heaters can set things on fire. We always mean a couple of feet away from anything that is flammable so that they don’t light up or don’t get burned either.

If you also use electric blankets when it gets too cold, remember to never directly sleep on them and keep them away from any types of liquids, as that can potentially cause a shock. Also, take extra care with children using electric blankets, and never use them for your pets. See our reviews and contact us today for help with your home’s electrical needs.

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