Ballast Replacement

Ballast Replacement for Lighting in Atlanta Warehouses and Parking Lots

Are the fluorescent lights flickering in your warehouse? Have flickering pole lights left your parking lot dark and unsafe for customers? Our commercial electrical contractors in Atlanta can help.

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 McCall Enterprises is your Atlanta commercial electrical contractor. We have expertise in ballast replacements for fluorescent lighting fixtures and metal halide fixtures. We replace ballasts for fluorescent lighting fixtures in warehouses and parking lots as well as in other commercial properties.

Why You Should Hire Us for Ballast Replacements Now

Do you have warehouse lights or pole lights that once they come on they go off, repeating this process? Warehouse lights or pole lights that go off and on could be something as simple as replacing the bulb/lamp. Call McCall Enterprises we will troubleshoot and repair the electrical problem.

If it is ballast issue, waiting to replace ballasts for fluorescent lights could lead to bigger problems. The ballasts could overheat resulting in an electrical fire or in the need to replace lighting fixtures. Depending on the size, manufacturer, and type of fixture, you might have to replace all fixtures. This is a big expense for what began as a ballast issue.

Experienced in Magnetic and Electronic Ballast Replacements

Has the noise from your magnetic ballasts gotten on your last nerve? Are you upgrading the ballasts in all your fixtures? Our commercial electrical contractors in Atlanta are experts in magnetic and electronic ballast replacements. We recommend replacing your old ballast and lamps with the new electronic energy efficient ballasts and T8 lamps. This will improve performance and output, reduces safety risks and saves you money.

Contact our commercial electricians for your ballast replacements today.

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