Signs it time for a breaker box replacement

circuit breaker

Your electrical panel is a key component to help distribute electricity throughout your home. It comes built-in with a failsafe if too much electricity is trying to get distributed, such as an electricity spike. That’s what those circuit breakers in your electrical panel are for, and they help to cut electrical distribution in that specific area. That’s why it’s important to know when it may be time to upgrade and replace your electrical panel to keep your home safe.

It has odors indicating something may be burning

The last thing you want with your electrical panel is to have it be warm when touched or have it smell like something is burning on the inside. Those could be the first warning signs of an electrical panel issue. The type of burning smell, whether wood or plastic, can help narrow down the source, but it’s always better to reach out to a qualified electrician who can resolve the situation faster.

It’s reached its end of life

Your electrical panel typically has a lifespan that ranges between 25 years and 40 years. But, of course, with proper maintenance on your electrical panel, it’s more likely to be closer to 40 years. After that, it’s simply time for a replacement and an upgrade to ensure the functionality is working. This can easily be noticed during the annual maintenance checkup of your home’s electrical panel and other components.

Your lights are flickering

While this could signify that it’s time to replace the lightbulb or use better quality ones, it can also tell you that the underlying reason is the electrical panel itself. If you notice your lights are constantly flickering or are dim or flickering when you turn on other appliances, this is a major red flag that the electrical distribution is off.

You find yourself with breakers tripping all the time

Another area to consider is if the minute you start to use electricity, whether to turn on the lights or power on major appliances, the breakers themselves trip. The reason for this could be an old electrical panel. However, there could also be a faulty issue, such as the electrical panel not functioning properly or it’s working too hard, and thus it’s best to have a circuit panel replacement.

You might be preparing for a renovation

Renovations are always a great time to consider many other aspects of your house that could be upgraded, such as circuit panel replacement. You can take the time to replace the wiring and connections where necessary and get yourself a much more efficient option for the electrical panels.

In the end

No matter what, if you feel like anything above is happening to you, or your electrical panel seems to be not fully functional, it’s always best to get a highly reviewed electrician to come in and look. If they recommend a circuit panel replacement, then go for it, as you will be better off. You’ll be saving yourself a bunch of time and money and have professionals handle it safely and securely.

Residential Electrical Trends for 2023

Some dramatic changes are expected to continue throughout 2023 for what is possible and what you may call your electrician for. With electricity prices becoming so volatile, it’s made many homeowners think about how they receive and consume electricity.

How we charge

This has been ongoing for quite a while, and we may start seeing the end of the typical electrical outlet. As many consumers are charging their electronics via USB cables and nontraditional plugs, it’s leading to designs with USB outlets as the preferred choice of charging. Wiring, in general, will need to change to accommodate this new type of charging and the prioritization of how the wiring is placed in new buildings in the first place, from electrical wiring to cabling for data and the internet.

Smart Homes

Already becoming more popular year over year, we’re seeing more homes becoming smart homes. Having the right electrician can help set up a smart home from the ground up or retrofit an existing home.

This isn’t just a thermostat that knows when to turn off the HVAC system when an optimal temperature is hit. It’s more about setting the proper lighting when a certain time is reached or when people enter the room, having your home theater system fully connected, your appliances accessible via mobile or remote, and many other components to help build a full smart home of optimization and convenience.

Green Energy

How we get our energy these days is a big topic, especially with events that occurred in the past years. Solar and other types of renewable energy are becoming more commonplace. Therefore, having an experienced electrician to ensure the right setup and connectivity will help go a long way toward optimal output.

This is also a shift in how we get our heat and hot water through electrical energy versus more traditional oil and gas. It can even get to the point of having storage batteries to collect excess energy to be used as needed.

Complex and sophisticated lighting options

LED lighting is going to get a lot more commonplace as well in 2023. First, they are an excellent option when it comes to being energy efficient. Whether it’s through LED bulbs or LED strips to provide enhanced lighting scenarios, not only will they help with the monthly utility bills and sustainability, but they will also be controlled by your smartphone, adding to the smart home feature and trends that we’re seeing.

Your local electrician is ready to serve you

At McCall Electric, we like to stay on top of the trends, and as a licensed and insured electrician, we will be happy to offer you the options above and many more. We like to work with our clients on an individual basis, with full transparency, so that you are fully aware of the task at hand, and our approach to getting it done right, the first time. So feel free to reach out and drop us a line when you’re next in need of an electrician.


Electrical Safety Tips for Fall

safety first sign

As we find ourselves right in the middle of the Fall season, we need to ensure that we’ve prepped ourselves with some electrical safety tips to protect our loved ones. So the first order of business that we want to look into is packing up all that summer equipment. All those lawnmowers, trimmers, and even sprinkler systems need to be stored properly, and we need to make sure not to have them exposed to harsh winter elements that can damage them.

Look at your cold-weather equipment

Once everything for the warmer months is stored away, it’s time to run a maintenance check on your winter equipment. This is both for indoor and outdoor gear. That means looking at your space heaters, built-in home heaters, leaf blowers, and similar equipment. Check for any wear and tear, and specifically check the power cords to ensure there’s no issue.
The reason, especially for outdoor usage, is that there will be a lot more moisture. Whether from rain or snow, you want everything as weatherproof or waterproofed as possible. The outlets themselves for outdoor usage should have some type of protective weatherproofing as well to keep the elements out and protect the user against any kind of shock.

Dry leaves need to be cleaned up

Part of the Fall season is dry leaves coming off the trees. While you don’t always need to sweep them as soon as a leaf falls, you do want to ensure that there are no dry leaves around anything with power. That means keeping them away from outdoor outlets, patio lights, and anything bringing in power, such as power cords. Dry leaves can easily catch on fire from even one spark that these powered elements can ignite. So then you’re dealing with an unnecessary fire.

Check out your smoke sensors

Since you’re going to be at home a lot more, with the doors closed and the appliances running, you’re going to want to confirm that the smoke alarms are all in working condition. This means your carbon monoxide monitors as well, too, in case some of your appliances aren’t working or not working at optimal levels. This will make sure to keep you and your loved ones safe this Fall season and into the Winter months.

Space heaters need to be used properly

Space heaters are going to see normal usage during these next two seasons. Yet they themselves can be quite a dangerous appliance. Make sure to use space heaters properly and not put anything too close to them, as the space heaters can set things on fire. We always mean a couple of feet away from anything that is flammable so that they don’t light up or don’t get burned either.

If you also use electric blankets when it gets too cold, remember to never directly sleep on them and keep them away from any types of liquids, as that can potentially cause a shock. Also, take extra care with children using electric blankets, and never use them for your pets. See our reviews and contact us today for help with your home’s electrical needs.

Know When it’s Time for Circuit Breaker replacement

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While it may fail to cross your mind, replacing your circuit breaker is essential to a smooth running home. By routinely replacing your circuit breaker, you can avoid damaging your appliances and minimize your chances of having an extended power outage.

Additionally, since they are often located in less visible areas, you may not realize when an issue with a panel has formed, which could mean a disaster for your home!

Not replacing your circuit breaker can cause flickering lights, poor performance, and more. Here are the key elements you should look out for to know when to replace your circuit breaker:

Burning Smell

If you’ve begun to notice a burning smell coming from your panel or your home in general, it most likely means that you have overheated insulation and wiring. This is an issue that requires you to replace your circuit breaker immediately, as it means your insulation is failing to protect your home from shortages.

In the case of a burning smell, you should turn off your main power immediately and get your circuit breaker replaced

Physical Damage

One of the most dangerous occurrences with circuit breakers is a degraded or melted wire. A melted wire, which can be recognized through scorch marks around the breaker, is a potential fire hazard. Since breakers are responsible for electricity in the entire house, a melted wire can potentially put your whole home in flames.

In this case, it’s essential that you get your circuit breaker replaced.

Old Age

Sometimes it’s not a burning smell or a melted wire which is putting your house at risk – often times it’s simply that your circuit breaker has been installed for too long and is at an increased likelihood of failure. Your circuit breaker should be inspected around every ten years, as this is when they are likely to begin to fail or falter in quality.

Regular Breaker Tripping

Breaker trips are intended to save your home from too much power being drawn in. However, many people have encountered that a simple appliance such as a microwave or a vacuum has been the piece that tips your breaker over the edge to trip.

If you find that a breaker trips every time you use a specific plug or appliance, your circuit breaker is at a much higher risk of failure and should be replaced to protect your home.


Circuit breakers are often tucked away under the stairs or in a low visibility location, which leads lots of people to forget that they lie at the heart of electricity in your home. Since running safe electricity is essential for home life, it’s always vital to get your circuit breaker checked or replaced if you encounter any issues.

If you’ve noticed a burning smell, physical damage, old age, or regular breaker tripping occurring within your circuit breaker, then it may just be time to swap it in for a new one or at least have it checked! See our Google Reviews and Call us today if you have questions about your circuit panel.

How to Choose the Best Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Kitchen

cabinet lighting

Cabinets can be a nightmare when it comes to blocking light. You’ll know the struggle all too well If you’ve dealt with trying to cook under a cabinet and failing to see what’s going on clearly! Luckily there is a solution: with the help of a trusted Atlanta electrical contractor, you can find the perfect under-cabinet lighting or your kitchen which will give you the light you need to follow recipes and cook in peace.

If you need more info on the best under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen, we’re here to help! Here are some types of under-cabinet lighting and where they’re best suited:

Battery Powered Under Cabinet Lights

If you’re looking for a lighting solution that can be installed just about anywhere, then battery-powered under-cabinet lighting may be the thing you’re looking for. Since they’re battery-powered, they’ll work even the powers out! However, you will have to deal with possible faulty batteries and replacements, which may be more hassle than you’ve bargained for – if that sounds like a drawback to you, maybe consider other options.

Hardwired LED Under Cabinet Lighting

With the help of a trusted Atlanta electrical contractor, you can avoid batteries altogether with hardwired LED lighting. This will connect your lighting to a switch so you can easily control it whenever you need it. It’s also a great solution for people looking to hide their wires, as a trusted Atalanta electrical contractor will be able to make these lights look as seamless as possible.

Plugin Under Cabinet Lighting

If you’re looking for something in-between battery powered and hardwired, this may be the option for you. Plugin lighting is powered using an existing outlet in your kitchen. While this means there will be more wire exposure than a hardwired alternative, it’s also more reliable and lower maintenance than battery-powered lighting. So long as there is an existing plug socket near enough to the space you want lit, a plugin under cabinet lighting could be a good solution.

Which Solution Should I Go For?

The answer really depends on your budget and needs. If you want to go for the best quality solution that will look the most elegant, then we definitely recommend going hardwired with your under-cabinet lighting. This will give your lighting an integrated feel and ensure that you don’t have to stress about wires sticking out or battery replacements. While you will have to enlist the help of a trusted Atlanta electrical contractor, it’s certainly worth it for the elegant and seamless results you receive.


You can get under cabinet lighting in battery form, plugin, or hardwired. While battery and plugin cabinet lighting are perfectly respectable solutions for your under cabinet lighting concerns, hardwired is by far the best option to go for if you can afford it. If you’re looking to get hardwired under cabinet lighting installed in your kitchen, be sure to contact a trusted Atlanta electrical contractor.

Residential Lighting Trends

Despite what you may think, the world of residential lighting is ever-growing! The smart tech industry is finding its way into the homes of millions of happy customers, and people are looking for more ways to spice up their lighting by implementing smart tech. As well as this, there’s been a huge boost in creative uses of LED lights within the home.

If you’re searching for a new way to give some dazzle to your interior design, then look no further! We’ve rounded up a few of the latest trends in residential lighting:

LED Lighted Closets

LED lights are cheaper and more accessible than ever, so they’re finding their way into plenty of unexpected places in houses and apartments, from desk lights to ceiling fans.

A new trend has emerged that aims to light up the closet: LED lights to provide the perfect solution to the lack of light source in your closet. By installing LED lights in the closet, people can now easily find the clothing they’re looking for, all while being able to choose the perfect color to light their items up with!

If you’re a fashionista looking for a way to spruce up your clothing decisions, closet LED lights may be the residential lighting trend you have been waiting for!

Smart Controls

Everyone’s been there: you’re tucked up, ready for bed, until you realize that you’ve left the lights on, and the light switch is on the other side of the room! Smart controls have become increasingly popular over the last few years to fix problems just like this. From the comfort of their bed, consumers can easily turn their lights off and on from their phone or a dedicated controller.

This year, tech-savvy consumers have gotten more creative with their use of smart lighting. A common trend for 2022 is smart light presets. By making all the lights smart controlled, you can make it, so one button changes all the lights in the room!

Perhaps you have a ‘party’ button that will dim your lamps, get your LEDs flashing, and even turn on the speaker in the corner! Or maybe you have an ‘evening wind down’ button that will dim all your lights and change the main light to a warm color which is easy on the eye. The possibilities are endless with light presets, a residential lighting trend that will take the world by storm this year!


With the introduction of smart tech and more accessible LED lighting, residential lighting has opened avenues to a whole world of exploration! So if you want your house or apartment to feel like 2022, why not try sprucing up your closet with some subtle LED lights.

If you’re feeling extra futuristic, throw yourself into the smart tech lighting world and set yourself up with some great light presets that will be sure to entertain any guests and make your life convenient. Now has never been a more ideal time to explore all the new trends that residential lighting has to offer!  See our customer reviews and contact us about your lighting needs today.


Local Electrician offers Tips for hiring an Atlanta Residential Electrician

licensed electrician working

Although there are a lot of resources out there for the DIY electrician, there are numerous benefits when working with a licensed electrician who’s also specialized as a residential electrician.

First, a lot of technical knowledge is needed, and it can really help smooth over the entire end-to-end process of whatever the licensed electrician is there for.

They are highly experienced

Before they can even consider becoming a residential electrician or a licensed electrician, they need to go through extensive training just to be approved to start their journey.

This course is around 100 hours, and once they are qualified with the book portion of being an electrician, they can start their path of becoming an apprentice, then a journeyman, and a master level of skill. To be either a journeyman or master requires several thousand hours of practical experience.

It’s not a clean job

Being a licensed electrician means going into the guts and foundation of the house to get to where the wiring is. You might feel that putting in a new electrical socket or light switch is all a residential electrician may do, but the real work comes in where all the dirt, cobwebs, and dust are behind the scenes.

They’ll need to get there and either fix wires on the spot or need to re-wire throughout the entire home.

You’re covered with a licensed electrician

Another thing about residential electricians is that they will always stand by their work. As long as you’re working with a professional contractor that has the right types of insurance, whatever electrical wiring or job a licensed electrician performs, insurance will cover any significant mishaps in most cases.

Regardless of insurance, many professional licensed electricians will come back and check on their work to confirm that they did the best job possible.
They’ll also ensure to get the proper building permits that may be needed (depending on the State) and will make sure that their wiring job complies with any types of building or municipal codes at the same time. This is another headache you can easily avoid when working with a licensed electrician.

It will save you money in the long run

Although it may seem as if a residential electrician comes in, does the job quickly, and charges you a significant amount, it’s well worth it. That’s an investment into your electricity at your home that can make everything run smoothly, keep your home safe and give you the correct power needs you require.

You want to also make sure when selecting the right type of licensed electrician that they have a good reputation and good reviews to go with everything. This way, you’ll be in safe hands for someone handling your wiring through this residential electrician.

Understanding similar past work and how they were able to handle it goes a long way to a successful residential electrician doing the job right the first time.

Please see our reviews and contact us for help with your residential electrical services.

Important reasons for hiring a licensed electrician

licensed electrician rewiring home

Sometimes you might head online and watch a few videos and think that you’re ready to handle a complete rewiring or new wiring in your home. Often this is the result of electrical wiring issues you notice around your home. You may think it’s straightforward, you get to use some cool tools, and you’ll have a functioning wired home before you know it. It’s not as simple as that. Let’s look at a few of the reasons that make hiring a licensed electrician perhaps a better option.

It’s a dirty job

Doing electrical work means getting into the guts of the home. You’ll be navigating between the walls, under the floorboards, and through the attic as you start to gut out and pull the old wire while replacing it with new wire.

This can be hazardous and dangerous work, and for your own safety, you’re better off working with a professional when it comes to this. Also, no one wants to be diving into these dirty, out of sight areas.

Being an electrician is a highly-skilled role

To become a licensed electrician means going through thousands of hours of on-the-job training and around 100 hours of classroom training. That’s a lot of experience needed just to be approved.

This is because there’s a certain way to handle electrical wiring, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Due to the danger of getting electrocuted or potentially causing a fire hazard, working with a professional licensed electrician is always a good idea.

They also know all the right tips and tricks to even possibly save you money with their experience.

They’re worth the price

Sometimes we do DIY to save costs, more than feeling that sense of accomplishment. What a licensed electrician may cost well outweighs what it might cost if you don’t use one.

Consider an electrical malfunction happening in your home, causing damage, burnouts, fires, and the like. If you do it yourself or your unlicensed handyman friend does it, insurance will most likely not cover you for it.

Another reason you’ll consider their price point is the fact that they’re actually going to save you a lot of time. Many licensed electricians can work quickly with whatever the job entails, can read circuitry maps faster, and can do the installation job with expediency.

You’ll also not need to go to get the building permits to do the work, or to handle the inspection after the fact, as a licensed general electrician will also handle all that and be able to stand by their work.

You’ll have your wiring done right

A licensed electrician will know things a lot better than you will, and thus they will do their work correctly the first time. On the off chance that doesn’t happen, many licensed electricians will come back and correct any issues as they’ll stand by their work.

Doing it yourself or with those friends will mean learning as you’re going and making mistakes (that can be costly) along the way. So unless you’re extremely dedicated to learning about wiring your home, go with a highly reviewed licensed electrician every single time.

Things you should know before buying an electric car

It’s a growing trend these days. Especially with gas prices hitting astronomical highs recently, an electric car seems like a wise investment. The pricing of these cars has also become affordable in many cases, and numerous car manufacturers are launching their own version of an electric vehicle.

It also does wonders to help with the environmental impact, as electric cars are much friendlier in that area and require less maintenance than traditional fossil fuel-based cars. Yet you should consider some elements before buying an electric vehicle.

Those costs can creep up on you

Many states make a portion of their revenue from the gasoline tax, and buying an electric car means less gasoline being used. That means they’ll try to make it up in some states by placing a higher tax on electric vehicle sales or requiring additional steps, such as in the State of Texas.

But, in addition, you’ll still need electricity, which can come at a cost, which is also going up. Hence, it’s essential to not simply eliminate gas costs and not include how much it’ll cost in electricity when looking to make a comparison.

The Stated vs. Actual distance per charge

Remember you’re reading advertising when you see the range and results. When you see claims such as up to x number of miles, those are in perfect road conditions with a new battery. That means a flat paved excellent road with no incline, at miles per hour, to maximize the distance.

Batteries deteriorate as we see in our smartphones and will eventually not hold as high a charge as they did when new. There’s also no wind or adverse weather conditions that make us vary our driving styles for safety. It’s always good to check with actual owners of electric vehicles to compare distances properly.

Public Charging Stations

There are two items here. The first item is that you want to make sure you’re aware of where your local public charging stations are. Not only within your city but also if you plan on doing any cross-country traveling.

Although the amount of public charging stations is increasing, they’re still not at a level where we don’t need to plan our route ahead of time.

The second component is that these charging stations are used for commercial applications. That means they’re big, fast, and can overcharge your vehicle. Just like you want to have a proper wattage with your laptop, you also want to ensure that you’re not degrading and burning the battery through overcharging.

Still a good buy

Keep in mind that this is just to check out some items beforehand, and the infrastructure for electric cars is constantly improving. Plus, we mentioned there might be additional taxes for electric vehicles, yet at the same time, there could be real incentives from certain states when buying an Electric car. As with any significant purchase, bide your time to do extensive research before taking action to buy. Have questions about charging stations? Contact McCall, a trusted metro Atlanta electrician.


Signs of Poor Electrical Wiring in a House

electrical wiring in wall

Being a homeowner imposes numerous obligations about housekeeping and maintaining. We can manage many basic repairs around our houses, but some house jobs just require the knowledge and expertise of a skilled and licensed professional. Many homes in America are built more than 40 years ago, so the chance to get poor electrician wiring is pretty high. When most of the work is hidden behind the walls, it may be challenging to renovate old wiring or just keep it safe. What are the common signs of poor electrical house wiring and when you have to call for an Atlanta electrician?

Smoky Smell or Burning

Have you ever felt any unpleasant smell from burning outlets in the house? It is easy to pinpoint fire harm by melting plastic near an outlet or smoky plastic smell in residence. Unplug all the electrical gadgets from an outlet and turn off the breaker if you feel this smell. Next, call the local electrical contractor to check the house wiring as soon as possible. Houses that were built more than 40 years ago have many common problems. It is rather popular to place electrical wiring outside the walls in modern houses.

Chewed or Frayed Wiring

Chewed or frayed wiring is the indicator not only of some nasty rodents in your house, but it may cause more severe problems. Wiring is always covered by protective plastic. When it is broken, the wires inside are exposed, and the electrical circuit is open. Open wires make electricity arcing. And it is dangerous as it produces electrical fires and shocks.

Hot Electrical Outlet

We recommend keeping an eye for darkened, scorched, or hot electrical outlets, as it is usually the result of broken or open wires in walls. Hot outlets and wires are typically heated up by an energy leak. It is hazardous for old houses as it may cause natural fires, and an electrical surge could fry utensils.

Flickering LIghts

In old houses, lights can buzz, dim, or flicker without any reason. If you plug in some kitchen or home utensils and notice that lights flicker, it means that the flow of electrical current is not ok. When you turn the lights on, you may also hear some buzzing and switching sounds that indicate as well wiring problems inside the house. It is the right time to call an Atlanta electrician who will solve all the wiring problems in a short time.

Circuit Breakers Tripping Frequently

Standard breakers usually do not trip. That is their primary function. They have to stop electrical flow when the wiring is overloaded. Nevertheless, if protection breakers are repeatedly tripping, first of all, you have to decrease the number of gadgets used in this circuit. The following measure is to take away the circuit breaker. If any of those actions settle the problem, it is just time to make a call to the electrical contractor as the wiring framework should be checked to avoid a fire gamble. Sometimes it may also happen when the circuit is just overwhelmed by a too significant amount of high-energy appliances. Fixing electrical wiring can be dangerous a dangerous task. We recommend contacting a highly reviewed electrician to assist.